3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry

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Planning a kitchen remodel involves making a lot of decisions. Many of those decisions likely concern your kitchen cabinetry, as your cabinets will have a big impact on the overall function of the space. We at Cornerstone Kitchens want to help you make sure that your new kitchen lives up to your expectations and to help you choose the best cabinetry for your needs, we have put together this list of the three most important things to consider during the decision process:

1.Stock or Custom? One of the first things you’ll have to decide about your new kitchen cabinetry is whether to go with stock or custom cabinets. If speed and budget are a concern, then stock cabinets may be the way to go, as they are pre-manufactured in a number of standard sizes and thus need little time to install. On the other hand, if you’re looking to maximize the use of limited space, you may get the best results with custom cabinets—this option is more expensive, but usually worth the investment.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry

2.Storage- One of the most common reasons to remodel a kitchen is to add storage space. To ensure that your new kitchen cabinetry will provide enough storage, it’s a good idea to map out where everything will go ahead of time, including your food stores, dishes, and utensils, but also where you will put the garbage and recycling. You can also consult with our team at Cornerstone Kitchens to help you organize your storage so that you get the most use from it.

3.Door Style- In addition to its functional role, your kitchen cabinetry also plays a big role in defining the overall look of your space. A lot of your kitchen’s visual atmosphere will be determined by what style of cabinet door you choose—do you want classic or modern? Ornate and detailed or sleek and minimalist? We at Cornerstone Kitchens offer a wide range of cabinet door styles to help you get the exact look you’ve been dreaming of for your kitchen.