Choosing New Cabinets is a Chance to Make Your Kitchen a Functional Space You Love

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When you are designing a new kitchen space, your new cabinets are one of the most important decisions you make.  Not only are cabinets one of the most visually striking features of any kitchen, but they are also critical to the function of your kitchen. They provide storage, support for countertops and workspaces, and play an important role in whether you enjoy working in your kitchen.

Cabinets   Cabinets

When it comes to designing cabinets, there are many personal factors to consider:

  • Your needs: Think about the number of cabinets you have now and whether they are sufficient for your storage needs. What worked in the kitchens you have had in the past and what have you been frustrated by? Think outside the box. Installing new cabinets is a great opportunity to finally get the functional kitchen layout that changes everything.
  • Your wants: While you may not be able to afford everything you want, it is good to think about your ideal kitchen because it might surprise you to realize that you can afford that built-in spice rack or pull-out cabinet storage you’ve always wanted.
  • Your budget: Much of the money you have set aside for your kitchen remodel will go towards new cabinets, so it is important to keep the budget in mind throughout the design process.

Before choosing your new cabinets, visit a showroom with many different styles and layouts available. This gives you a chance to think about what features are important to you. Perhaps you want cabinets that extend to the ceiling to maximize storage, base cabinets with more drawers to increase accessibility, or some other feature you haven’t even thought of yet. Visit our Pinterest page to see more ideas!