Revitalize Your Cabinets with Cabinet Refacing

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Some of the best quality cabinetry out there get replaced not because there are issues with the structure, but just with the design and appearance. If you have a kitchen, bathroom or other cabinetry that you only tolerate instead of love, there are ways that you can change the look while keeping the quality cabinetry with cabinet refacing!

the benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is the act of changing the doors and faces of your cabinetry while keeping the original interiors and boxes. Cabinet refacing is a great choice for someone looking to improve the look of a starter home, refresh the look of a cabin or second home, or someone who just enjoys the function of their quality cabinets and doesn’t want to create unnecessary waste. Not only is this the eco-friendlier option, but it is also an economical one as well! Cabinet refacing costs a fraction of the cost of what it would take to rip out and replace your cabinets, even if you were to do so with inexpensive cabinets of lower quality.

In addition to all the economical reasons for considering cabinet refacing, you’ll also want to consider the time and construction reasons for choosing cabinet refacing! Because cabinet refacing requires working with existing cabinets, there is virtually no construction and the process is done in a much, much shorter time than it would take to complete, say, a kitchen renovation. The time factors alone are some of the most compelling reasons that today’s busy home and business owners consider cabinet refacing over cabinet replacement.

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