Top Storage Life Hacks for Kitchen Cabinets

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Most people enjoy their kitchens more when they feel like they can keep them clean, organized, and easy to work in. Whether you are a professional chef or a 15-minute meal maker, keeping kitchen cabinets organized can go a long way to simplifying your life. Here are a few of our “life hacks” to help optimize your kitchen storage:

  • Store Sheet Pans Upright: It is good to invest in a storage rack for thin sheet pans. If you store them upright, you do not need to shuffle items around to find them. This will help you save space. You can buy these storage racks at the store or include them in a custom cabinetry design.

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  • Organize Lids: When it comes to kitchen cabinet storage, lids for pots and pans can cause a huge headache. It is frustrating to move all these oddly-shaped, un-stackable items around. So, make them stackable! A lid storage rack can be placed in kitchen cabinets, or you can create a hanging system using a peg board or similar item to create the perfect fit for each lid.
  • Sort Drawer Items: Rather than having silverware and cooking spoons rattle around in a drawer, give them each their own home! A drawer can be customized to hold these small items, or you can invest in a drawer organizer to keep like items together. No more hunting for the right item –you will know right where to find it!

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