Which Kitchen Cabinet Choices are Right for You?

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Kitchen cabinets are more than just useful places to store your plates, pots and pans! When done correctly, your kitchen cabinets are a large portion of what makes up the style as well as the function in your kitchen. If you are looking to refresh or even redo your kitchen design, you might be wondering about your kitchen cabinets and moving forward. For those of you who have kitchen cabinets on the brain, here are a few options for your kitchen cabinets.

few options for your kitchen cabinets

  • Custom– Custom cabinets are the crème de la crème of the cabinetry world. Not only do you get to have your cabinetry made exactly to the specifications of your kitchen, but you can add in any customized features that you want. With all the bells and whistles or modern simplicity and function, your custom kitchen cabinets can fit precisely where they need to with no wasted space and with everything how you design it.
  • Semi-Custom– Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are a great choice for spaces where you can work in some stock options in order to cut down on the drastic cost of kitchen cabinets and then add in some special pieces and features to make the space your own.
  • Cabinet Refacing- If you like the spacing and function of your kitchen cabinets, then a simple style refresh with kitchen cabinets is a great option to give you a new look. This option works well if your cabinets are still in good, solid working condition.

If you are considering your choices for kitchen cabinets, please contact us here at Cornerstone Kitchens today and let’s go over style choices!